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"NewHorizons" Mod - X3 v.2.5 compatible







































"New Horizons" is a Mod which intends to show you the X3 Universe like you never saw it before. This Mod feartures 62 new Sectors with new space backgrounds designed by Realspace, a comprehensive range of new ships, new stations and wares and a brand new race. 6 custom starts are also available. Start to play as a Pirate, Goner or Trader or Discoverer and build your empire. Find the hidden sectors and enjoy the new plots and scripts included which enhance the gameplay and bring more life to the universe. Janus and the Yaki faction are back!

DL Links and instructions, as well User Guide are available at TXU Forum.

NH Download Page


NH Mod Trailer

Credits to:

- Xchange Guild team

- Crip67, Observe and Realspace